Redefining Regions in Europe

Kick-off Conference of the Regional Parliaments Lab (REGIOPARL)

Deckblatt der Einladung

The third “Krems Annual Conference on European Democracy” is intended to be the kick-off conference to our research project "Regional Parliaments Lab (REGIOPARL)". We aim to broaden the field of knowledge on definitions of regions on the one side, and on the other to discuss recent challenges and pressing issues regions in Europe face today.  

Most of the time regions lack attention in the shadow of their big “parents”, the nations, when it comes to EU policy. Nevertheless, debates and discourses on regions seem to heat up regularly, when they strive for independence. What is the threshold from autonomous region to independent nation, and why is the latter an upcoming request in contemporary Europe?  


January 23 and 24, 2019 | Danube University Krems, Austria 



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