Economic policy in Lower Austria

The focus of the economic promotion lies in the strengthening of the economic structure of Lower Austria 

Within the framework of the economic offensive of Lower Austria  powerful stimuli are supposed to be applied for dynamic and sustainable development, in order to strengthen the economic performance of the province and its regions and to establish Lower Austria as an attractive economic location in Europe.

The focus of the economic promotion lies in the strengthening of the economic structure of Lower Austria through the backing of significant qualitative development and investment measures by regional businesses. The main sectors involved are:

Innovation, research and development for the application of the results of the industrial research in improved products, services or production processes through the economy;
Technology and technology transfer for the sake of the building and expansion of centres of technological competence and technology transfer institutions;
Start-ups and business relocations to create qualified jobs and improve the regional economic structure;
Structural improvement to improve added value and boost economic growth;
Internationalization - the new opening up of foreign markets which were previously closed - to strengthen the international profile of Lower Austria's economy, and
Co-operation to strengthen the collaboration between SMEs or between SMEs and research institutions in research and development, procurement, production and sales/exports.

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