During the past years gender equality - and research institutions in European countries developed standard criteria for gender trainings. The Project is led by the Lower Austrian Government. 

From now on the curriculum portfolio GenderStrat can be used. It contains a series of quality criteria for the training of trainers in the field of gender equality, setting standards within Europe. It is available for managers of European programmes and funds, municipalities and training facilities, which hold key positions for knowledge transfer.

Due to its modular structure the curriculum can be used as an individual tool also in other areas of training. It represents a valuable basic concept for the transfer of knowledge concerning gender equality.

Curriculum Portfolio GenderStrat4EQuality (documents for download)

  • Quality Criteria for Gender Equality Training
    Supporting responsible persons of EU programmes, municipalities and further education institutions these lists point out European quality standards and criteria for gender equality trainings.Qualitätskriterien für Gleichstellungstrainings.
    Download (pdf-file)
  • Collection of Best Practice Examples of Gender Equality Trainings
    Practical examples of gender equality trainings in Europe show what has been done successfully from basic one-day seminars, regional workshops to international trainings and informative Gender-Budgeting-Days; for diverse target groups like civil servants and NGO-activists, gender-budgeting-officials to physicians in the health sector.
    Download (pdf-file)
  • Gender Equality Curriculum
    The Train-the-Trainer Curriculum for Gender Equality in Europe includes three teaching modules: What a trainer should know about gender equality, a selection of good practices in gender equality trainings and information about the methodology of gender equality Trainings.
    Download (pdf-file)
  • Memorandum of Understanding
    A model agreement between public institutions and civil society organisations to facilitate a collaborative partnership that advances the implementation of gender equality through training on regional and national Level.
    Download (pdf-file), Download (word-file)
  • Database Gender Equality Trainers
    Information and contacts to support your search for gender equality trainers in Europe (in progress), including an application form for interested trainers.
    Download Registration (pdf-file), Download registration (Word-file) 

European Partnership

Coordination: Maria Rigler, Office of the Lower Austrian Government, Department of General Subsidies and Endowments Administration, Unit Generations, Women and Gender Equality

Kristín Ástgeirsdóttir, Center for Gender Equality Iceland, Iceland

Augustas Čičelis, Center for Equality Advancement, Lithuania

Tajana Broz and Maja Gergoric, Center for Education, Counselling and Research, Croatiy

Jasminka Pešut, Centre for Women's Studies, Zagreb, Croatia

New Challenges for Gender Equality in Europe
Multiplier-Conference on 27 and 28 of June 2016 in St. Pölten
At the Conference the Curriculum Portfolio for Gender Equality Trainer was presented to the public. New challenges for gender equality on European, national and regional level were discussed with experts and interested participants

  • Invitation and programme
  • Reflections of a participant from a non-expert point of view
  • Opening Speech by  Barbara Schwarz, Minister for Social, Education and Family Affairs (in German)
  • Key speeches about the Topic of challenges for gender equality by Kristín Ástgeirsdóttir, Centre for Gender Equality, Iceland; Tamara Šterk , Gender Equality Office of the Government, Croatia and Vera Jauk, Interministerial Working Group on Gender Mainstreaming, Austria (in German)
  • Notes from the working groups: European perspectives, Going International
  • Decision Makers and Gender Equality: final remarks by Christine Rosenbach, Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson and deputy of the Gender Mainstreaming Task Force of the Government of Lower Austria (in German)
  • Train the Trainer in Gender Equality: the Curriculum Portfolio, presented by  Maria Rigler, GenderStrat Coordinator, Office of the Lower Austrian Government (in German)
  • Key Factors and Areas of Gender Equality Trainings, examples from Austria, Iceland and Croatia 
  • Notes from the Working Groups: Round table of experts; Trainer's Talk; Creative think-thank
  • Biographical notes of speakers and experts
  • Registration form for interested gender equality Trainers to participate in the trainer-database GenderStrat4Equality (Word file)
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