Digitalization Strategy – Lower Austria

3 goals – 3 impact directions – 8 action fields

Digitalization and the associated solutions and applications open up new opportunities and prospects for the regions and society, businesses and institutions. The mission of the digitalization strategy of Lower Austria is to Use the digital transformation. For country and people

Three goals shall be pursued with the digitalization strategy and the associated projects and measures:


To achieve the digitalization goals it is important that

  • people, businesses, and the public sector are fit for digitalization,
  • the necessary infrastructure is comprehensively expanded and continuously upgraded, and
  • digital innovations and solutions are promoted.

A multitude of measures has been developed for this. Further measures are continuously being added.

The digi report provides evidence of the wide range of activities being undertaken for the benefit of the Lower Austrian population, businesses and as a location in general. The project examples, indicators and key figures for 2023 presented also demonstrate how far Lower Austria has progressed to secure the digital future.

digi report interactive


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